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Touchscreen Portable Laser Power Meters

  • Small Portable Design with Touchscreen Display
  • Computer and Software Not Required
  • High Damage Threshold
  • USB Rechargeable Battery

Touchscreen Portable Laser Power Meters feature LCD displays with touchscreen controls, the ability to adjust wavelength, brightness and screen orientation, and min/max display. Available in two designs, one as a silicon based sensor and the other an absorber, these portable power meters can transfer data to a computer for data logging via a mini USB port. The silicon sensor model (#34-514) features a folding body design with a click stop at 90 degrees, providing the unique ability of being placed on an optical table unmounted when oriented at 90 degrees. If the beam height is 78mm off the optical table, you can simply set the folded power meter directly onto the table. Both Touchscreen Portable Laser Power Meter models feature 8-32 mounting holes for table top mounting and rechargeable battery.

Note: Mini-USB cable not included.

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