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Ti:Sapphire Laser Line Mirrors

  • >99.8% Reflectivity at Ti:Sapphire Fundamental and Harmonic Frequencies
  • 10-5 Surface Quality for Reduced Scatter in Laser Applications
  • High Laser Damage Threshold

TECHSPEC® Ti:Sapphire Laser Line Mirrors provide >99.8% reflectivity for Ti:Sapphire laser fundamental and harmonic frequencies at both a 45° angle of incidence (AOI) and 0-45° AOI. These laser mirrors are designed with a fused silica substrate for excellent thermal stability and are coated for 800nm, 400nm, or 266nm which are the fundamental, second harmonic, and third harmonic respectively. To minimize scattering effects, these mirrors feature a high 10-5 surface quality and λ/10 surface flatness. TECHSPEC® Ti:Sapphire Laser Line Mirrors are ideal for a range of Ti:Sapphire laser applications such as multiphoton imaging, ultrafast spectroscopy, and cold micromachining.