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Rotary Stages

  • Low Profile Design
  • Precision Micrometer Drive
  • Slide-Fit Guide System
  • 360° Coarse Rotation, ±5° Total Fine Rotation
  • Mechanically Compatible to Other TECHSPEC® Stages
  • Locking Screw on All Stages
  • Class 100 (ISO 5) Clean Room Compatible

TECHSPEC® Rotary Stages provide smooth, coarse rotary movement and feature a precision micrometer drive for fine adjustment. This allows for quick rotation over 360° travel and precise angular adjustment at any position. Stage position can be fixed using the locking mechanism. TECHSPEC Rotary Stages are available in four sizes: 30mm, 40mm, 70mm, and 125mm diameters. Each stage is available in English or Metric standards. Each stage is designed to integrate with TECHSPEC® components, further enhancing flexibility and allowing the user to create any number of axes in different configurations. A bottom adapter plate, sold separately,is required to mount 30mm and 40mm stages to a standard breadboard; 70mm and 125mm stages can be mounted directly to the board.