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ROBUSTO™ Cinema Production Lenses

ROBUSTO™ and ROBUSTO-Lite™ Cinematography Lenses

ROBUSTO™ and ROBUSTO-Lite™ Cinematography Lenses ROBUSTO™ Cinematography Lenses SFX Objectives for ROBUSTO™ Cinematography Lenses Infinity Photo-Optical Company's Nelsonian™ Optics
  • Exceptional Micro, Macro, and Long-Distance Performance
  • Enable Long Distance Imaging with Superior Detail over Depth of Field
  • Six Interchangeable Objectives to Meet Application Requirements

ROBUSTO™ Cinema Production Lenses, part of Infinity Photo-Optical Company's line of Nelsonian™ Optics, incorporate Infinity’s world-renowned long working distance microscope technology to provide exceptional performance for micro, macro, and long-distance cinema production and advanced photography applications. These lenses have focus and iris adjustment and are available in two models: the ROBUSTO™ or the ROBUSTO Lite™. The ROBUSTO is designed with built in gearing for focus motorization while the ROBUSTO Lite features a smaller, more lightweight body for easy manual use with an optional gear for motorization available. Both versions of the ROBUSTO lens utilize one of six interchangeable objectives to meet application requirements. In addition to their use in cinema production and photography applications, ROBUSTO Cinematography Lenses are also ideal for industrial, forensic, and biological applications where they can transform any machine vision camera into a portable, continuously-focusable microscope.

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