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Purosol™ Sport/Marine Cleaner

Purosol Sport/Marine 2 oz. Spray Bottle, #11-764

Purosol Sport/Marine 2 oz. Spray Bottle, #11-764 Purosol Sport/Marine 4 oz. Spray Bottle, #11-765
  • Breaks Down and Repels Salt Crystals
  • Ideal for Cleaning Marine and Medical Optics
  • Non-Toxic, 100% Environmentally Safe Formula

Purosol™ Sport/Marine Cleaner features a 100% environmentally safe formula specially designed for cleaning optics and electrical equipment used in marine or saline environments. The formulation includes an enzyme that breaks down and prevents the formation of salt crystals, keeping optics clean from salt residue. The navy, coast guard, and other marine organizations use the Purosol™ cleaner on their optical systems that are constantly exposed to sea spray, dust, and dirt. Purosol™ Sport/Marine Cleaner is ideal for cleaning optical systems exposed to saline solutions in medical applications. With a neutral pH and hypoallergenic safe, this non-toxic cleaner allows for safely cleaning items ranging from safety goggles to radar screens.