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Non-Polarizing In-Line Cube Beamsplitters

  • Significantly Reduces Glare and Interference
  • 50/50 Reflection/Transmission Ratio
  • Ideal for In-Line Illumination

TECHSPEC® Non-Polarizing In-Line Cube Beamsplitters are specialized versions of TECHSPEC® Broadband Non-Polarizing Cube Beamsplitters that include a proprietary surface treatment on one surface. This feature reduces glare, interference artifacts, and improves image contrast. These cube beamsplitters are ideal for in-line illumination applications and are particularly useful in a wide range of applications that are sensitive to ghost reflections. TECHSPEC® Non-Polarizing In-Line Cube Beamsplitters are constructed from high tolerance right angle prisms and are Broadband Anti-Reflection (BBAR) coated to maximize transmission at specified wavelengths. These beamsplitters are spectrally flat within their design wavelength range, reducing undesirable effects caused by changes in the angle of incidence or converging/diverging beams.