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Nikon Achromatic Finite Conjugate Objectives

  • Achromatic Design
  • Standard RMS Thread
  • Compatible with all DIN Standard Accessories
  • Spring Loaded Heads on 40X, 60X, 100X

These Nikon Achromatic Finite Conjugate Objectives are excellent for simple high power imaging systems. These objectives do not require a tube lens to be interfaced with an eyepiece or camera, although using our single tube DIN Microscope permits a camera or eyepiece to be directly attached to the objective. These objectives feature RMS threading for quick and easy integration with existing systems, making these objectives ideal for any application requiring a high performance to cost ratio. Oil immersion is recommended for all 100X objectives to achieve an NA higher than 1.0 (for optical use: low viscosity 150 cps, 0.5oz tube with nd = 1.515, #86-834).