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MikroMak™ Prime Probe Lenses

MikroMak™ Prime Probe Lenses

MikroMak™ Prime Probe Lenses MikroMak™ Prime Probe Lenses Infinity Photo-Optical Company's Nelsonian™ Optics

MikroMak™ Prime Probe Lenses, part of Infinity Photo-Optical Company's line of Nelsonian™ Optics, offer unparalleled depth of field, providing excellent clarity in applications requiring micro, macro, or infinity focus. When set to infinity, everything up to a close proximity of the MikroMak Prime Probe Lenses is automatically in focus. The knurled focus ring can then be used to adjust the focus of the lens to the micro or macro range, indicated by magnification markings on the lens body. MikroMak Prime Probe Lenses provide the flexibility required for creative story telling in photography and cinema production applications while providing the high performance required for industrial and laboratory use.

MikroMak Prime Probe Lenses are available in five different focal lengths: 40, 50, 70, 90, and 125mm. The 40 and 50mm lenses provide wide field images with moderate macro magnifications up to 1.75X (50mm) or 2X (40mm). The 40mm lens can be converted to have a 25mm focal length with 1X magnification through an adapter (sold separately). The 70, 90, and 125mm lenses provide high magnification and resolutions typical of objectives used on standard laboratory microscopes with a maximum magnification of 5.5X (70 and 125mm) or 6X (90mm). A suite of accessories including adapters to C-Mount, L-Mount, and Sony mounts, mounting solutions, spacers, and gears for motorization are available; see each specific accessory for more information.

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