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Low Scatter Aspheric Lenses

  • P4 Surface Roughness for Low Scatter
  • 10-5 Laser Grade Surface Quality
  • Precision RMS Aspheric Figure Error

TECHSPEC® Low Scatter Aspheric Lenses are high quality CNC polished aspheres featuring ISO 10110-8 P4 surface roughness and 10-5 surface quality. P4 surface roughness is specified as less than 3 microdefects per 10mm of sampling length and is the smoothest surface outlined in ISO 10110-8 standard. A low surface roughness and 10-5 surface quality leads to very low scattering when focusing or collimating laser light. High laser damage threshold coatings are available upon request. TECHSPEC® Low Scatter Aspheric Lenses are ideal for high power laser applications where low scattering is paramount, such as in the metrology and aerospace industries.