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Laser Alignment Beam Blocks

Laser Alignment Beam Blocks

Laser Alignment Beam Blocks Laser Alignment Beam Blocks
  • Engraved Target Grid for Quick Laser Alignment
  • Diffuse Black Anodized Aluminum Surfaces
  • Magnetic Base for Easy Mounting to Optical Tables
  • Slots for Holding Allen Wrenches or Other Tools

Laser Alignment Beam Blocks are lab devices that function as an all-in-one beam block, alignment screen, and tool holder. These beam blocks are laser engraved with a target grid on their front surface that is labeled with metric graduations for quick alignment or leveling of laser beams. Their diffuse black anodized aluminum surfaces block incident low power visible laser light, minimizing back-reflections and increasing the overall safety of low power laser setups. Laser Alignment Beam Blocks feature a magnetic base that allows for sturdy placement into systems on optical tables, as well as through holes for mounting to non-magnetic surfaces. Multiple sizes of Laser Alignment Beam Blocks are available and all designs feature slots for holding Allen wrenches or other frequently used tools.

Note: These products should not be used with infrared lasers due to the high reflectance of anodized aluminum at infrared wavelengths.