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Jenoptik JENar™ F-Theta Scanning Lenses

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Jenoptik JENar™ F-Theta Scanning Lenses are designed to provide flat field at the image plane of scanning systems and are used in conjunction with galvanometers, beam expanders, and laser sources. These F-Theta lenses feature a wide range of focal lengths and large scan fields. Optimized for common Nd:YAG, Yb:doped, and fiber laser sources, these lenses are available in wavelength ranges of 355nm, 515-540nm, and 1030-1080nm. With their patented stackable mounting technology, these lenses compensate for thermal stresses and improve the stability of the optical components, ensuring high-precision adjustment and position control in OEM systems. Jenoptik JENar™ F-Theta Scanning Lenses are ideal for high-precision laser material processing and laser scanning applications.

Contact us if your application requires Jenoptik JENar™ F-Theta Scanning Lenses or Jenoptik JENar™ Silverline™ F-Theta Scanning Lenses not shown on our website.