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JAI GO-X Cameras

  • Up to 12.3 MP Resolution
  • USB and GigE Versions Available
  • Longest Industry Warranty (6 Years)

JAI® Go-X Series Cameras are designed to be compact, industrial grade, reliable cameras with excellent image quality. Featuring industrial grade shock and vibration ratings (80G/10G) as well as excellent thermal dissipation, these cameras are ideal for factory floors and assembly lines. Designed with a variety of capabilities, these cameras are capable of region-of-interest (ROI), blemish compensation with shading correction, and 8, 10, and 12-bit output. JAI® Go-X Series Cameras are available in resolutions ranging from 2.3 to 12.3MP with both USB or Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) outputs. Downloadable software is available for both GigE and USB options.