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First Contact™ Cleaning Solution

First Contact™ Cleaning Solution
Refill Bottle (Left)
Applicator Bottle (Right)

First Contact™ Cleaning Solution<br/>Refill Bottle (Left)<br/>Applicator Bottle (Right)
  • Suitable for Variety of Optical Components
  • Red Polymer Provides Quick Dry Times
  • Applies as Liquid and Easily Peels Away Debris

First Contact™ Cleaning Solution is a red colored polymer solution designed to safely clean or protect a range of materials or surfaces. This includes but is not limited to nanostructures, precision surfaces, glass, fused silica, crystals, metals, Ge, Si, ZnSe, NaCl, KBr, KRS-5, first surface mirrors, telescope optics, precision aerospace surfaces, diffraction gratings, or phase masks. The cleaning solution immediately conforms to any contour, dries, and is then easily peeled from the surface. First Contact™ Cleaning Solution kits include solution, refill bottles, peel tabs, and an applicator bottle. The cleaning solution is offered in a Trial, Standard, and Deluxe Cleaning Kits. 

Note: Please check instructions for substrate compatibility prior to use.