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First Contact™ Cleaning Solution

First Contact™ Cleaning Solution
Refill Bottle (Left)
Applicator Bottle (Right)

How to Apply First Contact™ Cleaning Solution

  • Suitable for Variety of Optical Components
  • Red Polymer Provides Quick Dry Times
  • Applies as Liquid and Easily Peels Away Debris

First Contact™ Cleaning Solution is a red colored polymer solution designed to safely clean or protect a range of materials or surfaces including nanostructures, precision surfaces, glass, fused silica, crystals, non-linear crystals, metals, Ge, Si, ZnSe, NaCl, KBr, KRS-5, first surface mirrors, telescope optics, precision aerospace surfaces, diffraction gratings, phase masks, or pinholes. First Contact™ Cleaning Solution immediately conforms to any contour, dries, and is then easily peeled from the surface. First Contact™ Cleaning Solution kits include solution, refill bottles, peel tabs, and an applicator bottle.

Note: Please check instructions for substrate compatibility prior to use.

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