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Fiber-Lite Focusing Lenses

  • Reduce Divergence of Fiber Optic Light Guides
  • Available in C- or T-Mount or Slim Mount 
  • Shape Output over Small Areas 

Fiber-Lite Focusing Lenses are an essential component in reducing divergence of fiber optic light guides. Fiber optic light guides project a large, diffuse beam of light – not a collimated or focused spot. Lens assemblies at the end of the fiber can collect light efficiently and shape the output effectively over smaller areas. Fiber-Lite Focusing Lenses are available in two configurations – mounted in our C- and T-Mount components, or in a slim mount for direct integration with many of our light guides. The C- and T-Mount configuration requires a standard Dolan-Jenner adapter, and can be used with any light guide. Additional accessories may be added with our C- and T-Mount components. Stock #58-837 can be used with any of our 1/8" or ¼" light guides with tip diameters of 0.187" or 0.312". #58-836 can be used with our semi-rigid and hybrid light guides with end-tip diameter of 0.500".