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Everix Ultra-Thin Broadband Bandpass Filters

  • Designed for Common LED and Laser Diode Wavelengths
  • Scratch Insensitive, Ultra-Thin Design
  • Easily Integrated into Portable Devices

Everix Ultra-Thin Broadband Bandpass Filters are designed for common LED and laser diode wavelengths. With an exterior polymeric protective layer, these filters are scratch-insensitive, shatterproof, and easy to clean. These filters feature an average transmission of 65%, average optical density of 2.0, and maximum thickness of 400 µm. Ultra-Thin Broadband Bandpass Filters are created with a lightweight, ultra-thin design and can be easily integrated into portable systems, including point of care medical devices, AR/VR wearables, and spaceborne systems.

For more information on this patented ultra-thin filter technology, visit our Everix brand page.

Note: All Everix standard products are available exclusively from Edmund Optics® for immediate purchase. Custom filter designs can be purchased directly from Everix.