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Edmund Optics® Beam Profilers

Edmund Optics Beam Profiler 4M, #11-045

Edmund Optics Beam Profiler 4M, #11-045 Edmund Optics Beam Profiler, #89-308
  • High Resolution for Accurate Small Beam Profile Measurements
  • Large Area Sensor for Large Beam Profiling
  • USB 3.0 for the Fastest Transfer Rates

Edmund Optics® Beam Profilers are designed to measure a wide range of laser beam sizes, providing information to optimize laser system operation. These laser beam profilers feature high resolution and large area sensors to ensure accurate profiling of both small and large laser beams. Available in two sizes, beam profilers are threaded for 1” x 32 TPI mounting, making them compatible with C-Mount accessories. Edmund Optics Beam Profilers feature an external trigger to synchronize the camera with a pulsed laser as well as USB 2.0 and 3.0 compatibility for the industry’s fastest transfer rates. Intuitive beam analysis software with multiple display options (2D, 3D, and XY), as well as many control tools such as a background subtraction function and Gaussian fit, is also included with each beam profiler.

Note: Software driver available for download. Products are compatible with LabVIEW.