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Red Series M12 Lenses

  • Up to 1/2", S-Mount Lens
  • Up to 1.3 MegaPixels, 5µm Pixel Size Sensors
  • Board Camera Lens Optimized Long WD and Infinite Conjugate
  • 3.6mm to 8mm Focal Lengths

TECHSPEC® Red Series M12 Lenses feature a high resolution, all glass element design. The slight negative (barrel) distortion can be easily factored out since the Angular Field of View is increased, thereby offering more workable field of view (FOV) in the object domain. Threaded for M12 x 0.5, these lenses are optimized for 1/3” and ½” sensor formats. TECHSPEC® Red Series M12 Lenses are ideal for demanding imaging applications. Prescription data is available by submitting a Request for Prescription Form.

Note: Compatible TECHSPEC® M12 Imaging Lens Accessories available.

Edmund Optics has created multiple product families of our TECHSPEC® M12 S-Mount Lenses, which are designed to provide high resolution. These high performance lenses feature precision glass designs in a metal housing and have optimized specifications between each product family to meet your application needs.


Technical Information

Dimensions (mm)
Focal Length A B C D
3.6 14 14.6 4.5 4.2
4.4 14 24 6.4 3.8
6.4 14 30 10.2 3.8
7.2 14 22.1 8.3 4.0
8.0 14 15 8.7 4.0