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Dust-Off® Compressed Air

3.5 oz., Dust-Off Compressed Air JR (#42-980)

3.5 oz., Dust-Off Compressed Air JR (#42-980) 10 oz., Dust-Off Compressed Air XL (#56-918) 17 oz., Dust-Off Compressed Air Jumbo (#56-919)
  • Ideal for Removing Airborne Particles from Optics
  • EPA Approved Compressed Air Dusters

Dust-Off® Compressed Air is a powerful, compressed, air sprayer available in 3.5 oz., 10 oz., and 17 oz. containers. This compressed air is ideal for removing airborne particles from optics. An environmentally safe formula delivers 70% more compressed power. Dust-Off® Compressed Air features a propellant that is 100% HCFC22. This gas incorporates a hydrogen atom which allows it to decompose before it reaches the atmosphere.  

Note: Hazardous material or contents under pressure. Cannot be shipped by air. No express delivery available. Please contact us for the most up-to-date MSDS information.