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Dual Band Zerodur® Laser Line Mirrors

  • >99.5% Reflectivity at Design Wavelengths
  • Low Coefficient of Thermal Expansion
  • 532/1064nm or 635/670/1064nm Wavelength Bands

TECHSPEC® Zerodur® Dual Band Laser Line Mirrors feature high reflectivity coatings with either two or three wavelength bands on a durable Zerodur® substrates. The ZERODUR® substrates have a low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) of ±0.10 x 10-6/°C, which is an order of magnitude lower than most glass types. The low CTE allows these mirrors to have a consistent reflected wavefront when exposed to environments with varying temperature or illumination sources with changing intensity. TECHSPEC® Zerodur® Dual Band Laser Line Mirrors are available in a highly reflective 532/1064nm or 635/670/1064nm dual band coatings and multiple standard diameter options for Nd:YAG lasers and red and green guide beams. These mirrors are ideal for beam steering applications in both laboratory and OEM laser systems.