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TECHSPEC® components are designed, specified, or manufactured by Edmund Optics. TECHSPEC® components are designed, specified, or manufactured by Edmund Optics. Learn More

Cf Objectives

  • Lightweight Design with Compact Form Factor
  • Configurable Magnification Using Spacers
  • Optimized For Long Working Distances

TECHSPEC® Cf Objectives are designed to reduce the overall weight and size of an imaging system while maintaining optical performance. While traditional objective systems typically require long tube lengths and tube lenses, TECHSPEC® Cf Objectives optimize each objective to allow for shorter tube lengths. Standardized 30mm outer diameters and C-mount threading ease integration into system assemblies. Magnification can be easily increased by adding spacers to increase the tube length. Each lens has a broadband anti-reflection coating to provide even and maximized light transmission in the visible spectrum. TECHSPEC® Cf Objectives are ideal for a variety of biomedical or machine vision applications including microscopy, flow cytometry, pharmaceutical inspection, and assembly line or fault inspection. Zemax files are available upon request.

Note: A variety of magnifications and numerical aperture options are available upon request to accommodate various resolution, throughput, and depth of field requirements. To ensure a lens is a proper fit for your application, additional contrast, resolution, magnification, and tube length data is available upon request. Please contact technical support to discuss your specific requirements.

5X Compact Adjustable Objective (#88-353, #34-767)
5X Compact Adjustable Objective (#88-353, #34-767)

Technical Information

Increase Magnification by Adding Tube Length
Stock # Tube Length Added Magnification*
#88-352 None (Base Mag) 2X
70mm 4X
84mm 5X
190mm 7.5X
#88-353 None (Base Mag) 5X
40mm 7.5X
78mm 10X
155mm 15X
230mm 20X
#88-354 None (Base Mag) 10X
30mm 15X
60mm 20X

*Approximate. Spacer rings may be needed to dial in magnification