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Color Checkers

  • Test True Color Balance
  • Natural, Chromatic, Primary, and Gray Scale Colors
  • Up to 30 Scientifically Designed Patches

Color Checkers feature a unique test pattern scientifically designed to help determine the true color balance or optical density of any color rendition system. It is an industry-standard that provides a non-subjective comparison with a “test pattern” of scientifically prepared squares ranging from natural colors to Gray Scale. Each color will reflect light in the same way in all parts of the visible spectrum, thus maintaining color consistency over different illumination options. Color Checkers are offered with both gloss and matte color patches, with gloss patches providing an extended dynamic range with a limited illumination geometry and matte patches having a smaller dynamic range but are more usable with a narrow illumination geometry. These color checkers also range in size from fractions of an inch to standard A4 letter size, making them ideal for a wide array of applications such as spectroscopy, machine vision, photography, graphic arts, electronic publishing, and television.

Note: Product is intended for visual evaluation of resolution, not for objective measurement of resolution. It may be possible that small scratches or blemishes may appear on product and will not affect performance.