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Coherent® Single Frequency OBIS™ LX Laser Systems

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  • Single Frequency, Collimated, TEM00 Output Beam
  • Long Coherence Length >1 Meter
  • Excellent Signal-to-Noise Ratio
  • Compatible With All OBIS LX/LS Power Supplies, Software, and Accessories

Coherent® Single Frequency OBIS™ LX Laser Systems incorporate Coherent’s SureLock™ volume holographic grating (VHG) stabilized laser diodes to deliver consistent, single frequency performance in the same form factor as all other OBIS LX/LS platforms. Available in 405, 633, and 660nm, these laser systems excel in application spaces requiring very low RMS signal-to-noise of less than 0.05%. An excellent alternative to stabilized HeNe lasers, each laser is stabilized using Coherent’s PowerLocker® volume holographic grating ensuring precise and stable center wavelengths, low temperature dependence, and consistent optical performance. Coherent® Single Frequency OBIS™ LX Laser Systems are ideal for applications such as confocal microscopy, DNA sequencing, flow cytometry, and interferometry and are compatible with all other OBIS LX/LS power supplies, accessories, and software.