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Adjustable Grating Mounts

  • Mount up to 60mm Tall Diffraction Gratings
  • Easy Adjustment via Side Locking Screws
  • Designed for Integration into 25.4mm Diameter Optic Mounts

Adjustable Grating Mounts are designed to hold diffraction gratings without damaging their sensitive grating surface. Featuring a 3-point mounting style with spring and metal contacts, these mounts provide adequate clamping pressure while allowing for easy adjustment via side locking screws. A 25.4mm diameter extension on the rear of the mount allows for integration into TECHSPEC® Kinematic Mounts, E-Series Circular Kinematic Mounts, and fixed mirror mounts. Adjustable Grating Mounts can be adjusted to accommodate a range of grating sizes, up to 60mm in height.