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755nm Alexandrite Laser Mirrors

  • >99.5% Reflectivity at 755nm and >90% Reflectivity at 625 – 650nm
  • 10-5 Surface Quality and λ/10 Surface Flatness
  • Ideal for use in Dermatological Applications

TECHSPEC® 755nm Alexandrite Laser Mirrors provide >99.5% reflectivity at 755nm for use with Alexandrite lasers at 0° or 45° angle of incidence (AOI). These mirrors also provide >90% reflectivity from 625-650nm to accommodate applications that utilize alignment beams. These mirrors feature fused silica substrates with λ/10 surface flatness and 10-5 surface quality to minimize scattering effects. TECHSPEC® 755nm Alexandrite Laser Mirrors are ideal for a range of dermatological applications such as hair removal, tattoo removal, and vascular lesion treatment. The high reflectivity combined with a slim profile makes these mirrors excellent for medical articulating arms that require multiple direction changes via reflection.