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Edmund Optics® and FISBA OPTIK Create Partnership to Advance Infrared Glass Molded Optics

Expands Market Applications for High Volume, Molded, IR Optics

2/3/2015, Barrington, NJ USA   —

Edmund Optics®, the premier provider of optical components, and FISBA, a world leader in advanced optical systems and components, announced today a partnership to advance infrared glass molding capabilities. The new partnership combines FISBA’s innovative process engineering and production technologies in glass molding with Edmund Optics’ broad-based optical component, sales, and manufacturing expertise. Together, the two companies are extending quality mass production of molded optics into nontraditional materials, specifically for infrared lenses.

“FISBA is known for being a leader in the optical design and the production of molded optics,” said Samuel Sadoulet, President and COO of Edmund Optics, “We hope to leverage this technology and production knowledge to provide customers with high quality optics specifically designed for infrared wavelengths.” “We look forward to teaming with Edmund Optics – a truly global company that is able to immediately and directly work with customers on these exciting applications,” said Werner Krüsi, CEO at FISBA.

The joint effort will bring together the individual achievements of both companies in fabricating molded lenses from advanced materials, and the combination of their process technologies and their manufacturing and marketing expertise will lead directly to the availability of new IR optics in Edmund Optics’ standard product line and for customer projects in OEM-applications by either partner. These new IR optical components are ideally suited for life science applications such as thermal imaging, laser surgery and equally important for industrial and environmental applications in remote sensing and thermal imaging for detection and security.

FISBA is expanding on their leadership in groundbreaking optics-molding technology, supplying consistent quality and high precision in medium- and large-sized lots at a competitive price. The investment into the partnership takes place in the US-based FISBA LLC in Tucson AZ, a subsidiary of FISBA.

To learn more about this new capability please contact Edmund Optics at +1-856-547-3488 or FISBA at +41 (0) 71 282 3131.