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Specialty Gratings and Microscope Objectives

ZEISS is an internationally-renowned manufacturer of optics and optoelectronics that was founded in Jena, Germany in 1846. Headquartered in Oberkochen, Germany, ZEISS develops, produces, and distributes innovative solutions for four business segments – Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology, Industrial Quality & Research, Medical Technology, and Consumer Markets. Edmund Optics® is proud to be a global distribution partner of ZEISS microscope objectives and speciality gratings for spectroscopy.

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Technical Resources

Application Notes

Technical information and application examples including theoretical explanations, equations, graphical illustrations, and much more.

Understanding Microscopes and Objectives

Digital Microscope Objective Setups

Choosing the Correct Eyepiece

Using Tube Lenses with Infinity Corrected Objectives

Trending in Optics

The future depends on optics through technological and application advancements. Edmund Optics® continues to embrace the future by providing information on trending products and technologies.

Open-Source DIY Microscopy


Answers to some commonly asked questions.

What is the blaze angle and blaze wavelength of a grating and how are they related?

What is the difference between reflective and transmission gratings?

What is the difference between holographic and ruled diffraction gratings?

What is the grating equation?

How do I handle and clean my gratings?

What is the difference between Rowland circle and a polychromator mounts for gratings?

How do the efficiency curves relate to the actual amount of light I will see at any given wavelength?

Technical Tools

Technical tools and calculators based on commonly used and referenced equations in the Optics, Imaging, and Photonics industries.

Infinite Conjugate Tube Length