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Spherical Lenses

  Manufacturing Redundancy in Multiple Factories Across the US, Singapore, and Japan

  Prototype Through High Volume Production Capabilities

  Large Variety of SCHOTT, Ohara, and CDGM Glass Types

  Build-to-Print Capabilities

  Standard and Custom Coating Options Available

Edmund Optics® manufactures millions of stock and custom precision spherical lenses for applications in the Advanced Medical Diagnostics, Testing & Measurement, Semiconductor, R&D, and Defense markets around the globe. Singlets, doublets, and triplets from a wide range of SCHOTT, Ohara, and CDGM glasses are manufactured and coated in our state-of-the-art facilities in Japan, Singapore, and the United States. Whether your application calls for stock components from our vast inventory, a build-to-print lens, or a fully customized design effort, our expert optical design and manufacturing engineers can develop solutions to meet your needs. Contact us today to speak with an expert or receive an expedited quote.



Edmund Optics® is a leading manufacturer of spherical lenses, producing millions of precision quality lenses every year. Whether you require small quantities of spherical lenses for prototyping, a few dozen for pre-production, or large volumes for full-scale production, Edmund Optics® has the capabilities to ensure the success of your projects.

Manufacturing Equipment

  • Conventional Grinding Machines
  • High-Speed Grinding Machines
  • High-Speed Lapping Machines
  • Conventional Polishing Machines
  • High-Speed Polishing Machines
  • QED MRF Machines for Fine Finishing
  • Centering Machines


Aspheric Equipment

Selecting the Right Spherical Optic

Edmund Optics® has the expertise to provide stock and custom spherical optics. Our specialty is plano-convex (PCX), double-convex (DCX), plano-concave (PCV), double-concave (DCV), and achromatic lenses. Contact us with your requirements and our expert staff of optical manufacturing engineers will work closely with you to make sure we deliver spherical optics that meet your system's needs within your budget constraints.

  • Achromatic
  • Plano-Convex
  • Double-Convex
  • Plano-Concave
  • Double-Concave


  • Ideal for Polychromatic Imaging Applications
  • Feature Low-Index and High-Index Elements for Higher Performance Optimization Compared to Singlet Lenses
Achromatic Lenses
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