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You have a variety of Mitutoyo Tube Lenses (MT-4, MT-1, and MT-2). How can you connect them to a Mitutoyo objective and C-mount camera?

Since infinity corrected objectives, like the Mitutoyo objectives, are designed to form images at infinity - when using them with a camera, a tube lens is needed to form the image onto a sensor. Most Mitutoyo products have M26 threads or no threads at all, unfortunately, making them difficult to use with most C-mount (1"" x 32TIP) cameras. On the bright side, Edmund Optics® has Accessory Spacer Tubes and Adapters and C-Mount Extension Tubes to make this process as simple as possible.

#54-428 MT-4 Accessory Tube Lens:

Use #56-992 Mitutoyo to C-mount Camera 152.5mm Extension Tube to connect the MT-4 Tube Lens to a C-mount camera. This extension tube is M26 on one side to attach to the tubes lens and C-thread on the other to attach to a C-mount camera. The MT-4 Tube Lens attaches directly to a Mitutoyo objective.

#54-774 MT-1 OR #56-863 MT-2 Accessory Tube Lenses:

This one is a little tricky. #58-329 Mitutoyo MT-1/ MT-2 C-mount Adapter can be opened up and the MT-1 or MT-2 Tube Lenses fit inside. Since the tube lenses themselves have no threads, this adapter provides the necessary C-threads on both sides. Between this adapter and the C-mount camera, you will need an additional 190mm of extension tubes. Since the tube lens does not attach directly to the objective, #55-743 Mitutoyo to C-Mount 10mm Adapter needs to be attached to the Mitutoyo objective (this adapter adds 10mm of length and adapts the M26 thread to a C-thread). An additional 76.5mm of space between the tube lens and the objective is optimal, but really you only have about 56.5mm of space between #55-743 and #58-329 since each adapter adds about 10mm of space. With this 56.5mm of space, you can use extension tubes or add other items such as beamsplitters, filters, polarizers, etc (this is the benefit of using the MT-1 and MT-2 tube lenses.

Please note that 76.5mm is the recommended distance since these objectives are infinity corrected. However if the distance is too short, you risk vignetting, and if the distance is too long, the resultant image will be dim because of insufficient light. So, from the top – it is a C-mount camera, 190mm of extension tube, MT-1 or MT-2 Accessory Tube Lens inside #58-329 Adapter, 56.5mm of extension tubes, #55-743 adapter, and then the Mitutoyo objective.

Mitutoyo Tube Lenses
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