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Ultra-High Contrast Polarizing Film (XP42HE)

  • Superior 30,000:1 Extinction Ratio
  • Excellent Transmission from 400-700nm
  • Available in a Range of Sizes
  • Custom Sizes Available

TECHSPEC® Ultra-High Contrast Polarizing Film (XP42HE) are designed to produce a 30,000:1 contrast ratio from 400 – 700nm with an excellent transmission of 42.6%. These polarizing films are available in rectangular geometries in a range of sizes. TECHSPEC Ultra-High Contrast Polarizing Film (XP42HE) are easily cut to required geometries using common cutting tools for system integration. Additionally, the 500 x 1000mm version #24-286 is available with an adhesive backing to facilitate incorporation into various applications. These polarizing films are ideal for imaging, metrology, and microscopy applications where contrast sensitivity is paramount.