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Mitutoyo Measuring Gauges

Mitutoyo Measuring Gauges
Mitutoyo Measuring Gauges
Mitutoyo Measuring Gauges
Mitutoyo Measuring Gauges
Mitutoyo Measuring Gauges
Mitutoyo Measuring Gauges

Mitutoyo Micrometers

Mitutoyo Tool Kit

Mitutoyo Coolant-Proof Caliper

Mitutoyo Digital Caliper

Mitutoyo Digimatic Indicator

Mitutoyo Micrometers

These high quality Mitutoyo Digital Micrometers feature a host of functions which make accurate measurements easier and faster. Their lightweight, user-friendly design allows measurements to be made with one hand. The extra-large LCD readout registers in two modes –ABS (absolute) and INC (incremental) for added versatility. Models #54-876 features SPC (Statistical Process Control) interface for quick integration. Other features include Origin Setting, Inch/mm Selection, Zero-setting, Error Alarm, Auto-Sleep function, and carbide-tipped measuring faces. Accuracy: ±0.00005”. A number of attachment accessories are available to provide the capability to measure a variety of surface tolerances, shapes and features.

Mitutoyo Series 500 Digital Calipers

  • Strong Performance and Ease of Use at an Excellent Price
  • Both 0-6” (0-150mm) and 0-8” (0-200mm) Measuring Range Versions Available
  • Optional SPC Output Models Available

Unlike many models requiring involved setup, these Digital Calipers with Absolute Linear Encoder allow accurate measurement with a simple push of the power button. In addition, zero-setting the display can be done at any slider position to allow simple and fast comparison measurement. Caliper features a readout with 0.295” high LCD digits so that measurements can be read at a glance. This caliper features a scale contamination detection function to detect contamination of surfaces and prevent errors as a result. Long-lasting battery of up to 3.5 years of continuous use on a single cell. Models #54-872 are standard digital calipers, while Models #54-870 feature an SPC output to facilitate integration with a larger digital measurement system and can be used to measure external, internal, and depth dimensions. Accuracy within ±0.001”.

Mitutoyo Coolant-Proof Calipers

The Mitutoyo Coolant-Proof caliper has been designed to operate in some of the harshest conditions. The caliper’s IP-67-protection class rating ensures that the housing will protect against dust and water. This caliper is ideal for a variety of shop applications that could not be considered before, making it a real time saver. Additionally, the Coolant-Proof Caliper featuresm “Set ‘n Forget” and absolute encoder technology which sets Mitutoyo products apart from all others. Simply pushing a button converts from Metric to English and this caliper has a resolution and repeatability of 0.0005”. Accuracy: ±0.001”.

Mitutoyo Tool Kit

This tool kit includes both Mitutoyo’s best-selling 0-1” Digimatic Micrometer (#54-878) and 0-6” Digimatic Caliper with Absolute Encoder (#54-872). A handy micrometer spanner is included and all tools are secured in an attractive mahogany carrying case (room for included gauge batteries also provided).

Mitutoyo Digimatic Indicators with Absolute Encoder

  • Ideal for Testing and Comparison
  • 3 Range Options
  • SPC Output

IDC Type Digimatic Indicators offer precision measurement capabilities for a wide range of applications. Indicators can be mounted to a Gauge Stand to improve accuracy and throughput. Indicators can be zeroed at any position, are immune to over-speed error, and store all settings for the lifetime of the battery (approx. 5,000 hrs). The indicator face can also be rotated 330° for viewing at any angle. Additional features include: large digital display, on/off, preset, inch/mm readout, ±direction, go/no-go functions, and a data port for SPC connection. All indicators have flat back (no lug) and stem diameter of 0.375”. Stand accessories have 0.04” fine adjustment and include grid-type steel anvil. Accuracy: =0.0012” (#56-446), and =0.0016” (#56-447).

Mitutoyo SPC Input Tools

  • PS/2 Keyboard and RS-232 Versions
  • Compatible with Mitutoyo SPC Gauges and Measuring Tools
  • Connect to Laptop Computers for Portable Measurement

These input tools provide a simple means of acquiring data from Mitutoyo digital measuring instruments with SPC output. Using the PS/2 keyboard version, measurement data can be output directly to text editors, word processors, or commercial spreadsheets such as Microsoft® Excel and Lotus 1-2-3. No special software is needed for the PS/2 keyboard input tool. The RS-232 version connects to any standard RS-232C port, and is intended for custom software integration. Both input tools are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. No external or battery power required; SPC Output Connecting Cable required. #56-771 connects to a laptop or a computer's keyboard port.

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