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Solderable Photodiodes

Solderable Photodiodes

  • Feature Two 3" Long Leads Soldered to the Anode and Cathode
  • Spectral Response of 360 – 1100nm with Peak at 970nm
  • Photoconductive and Photovoltaic Types Available

Solderable Photodiodes are ideal, low cost solutions to applications requiring photodetectors with large active areas or disposability. Photoconductive Solderable Photodiodes are designed for low capacitance, fast response applications, while photovoltaic Solderable Photodiodes are designed for applications with low noise. For large signal outputs, these photodiodes can be connected directly to a current meter, or across a resistor for voltage measurements. Additionally, output can be measured directly with an oscilloscope or an amplifier.

Common Specifications

Responsivity @ 970nm (A/W):
Minimum: 0.6
Typical: 0.65
Capacitance @ VR=-5V (pF):

Export Specifications

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