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Dot and Square Calibration Target

Dot and Square Calibration Target
Dot and Square Calibration Target
Dot and Square Calibration Target

Negative 1" x 3", #62-269

Dot and Square Calibration Targets

Positive 1" x 3", #62-268

  • Designed for Measurement Calibration
  • Positive or Negative Chrome Patterns on Glass
  • High Contrast Target for Imaging
  • Elements from 0.5 to 10mm, Each 2.5μm in Size

This target provides a highly accurate reference for feature sizes of circles and squares and is ideal for testing the accuracy of non-contact metrology systems, especially those vulnerable to distortion and blooming. The precision pattern is formed in Low Reflection Chromium on a stable Float Glass substrate in standard microscope slide format. The low reflection pattern surface provides high contrast against a light background, ideal for diffuse or coaxial illumination applications. The pattern is applied to the first surface and features both circles and squares in 0.5mm and whole number sized increments from 1mm to 10mm. The Positive Target features an opaque pattern on a clear background whereas the Negative Target features a clear pattern on an opaque background.

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