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  • Stock and Custom Components and Engineering Expertise Ideal for Integration into OEM Production - Diffraction Gratings, Optical Filters, Mirrors, and Spherical Optics
  • Single Source Provider for a Complete Spectroscopy System – Spectrometer, Fibers, Integrating Spheres, and Calibrated Illumination
  • ISO9001:2000 and Compliance Programs Designed to Meet the Quality Control Needs of Life Science Manufacturers

Want to build your own spectrometer? From the correct concave focusing mirrors or optical lens to the appropriate diffraction grating, Edmund Optics can assist you in specifying your optical and mechanical needs! Spectroscopy systems allow you to quantify unknown materials and solutions for optical and biochemical applications. Used heavily in a variety of fields such as chemical analysis for security applications, agriculture, pharmaceutical compound detection, diagnostics, genomics, and many more, one can quickly and easily setup an entire system in a few hours! Coupled with our advanced bio-imaging lenses, you can create an extremely powerful system that inspects and records a fluorescence emission signal while simultaneously quantifying the intensity and wavelength. If you are looking to revamp your test bed, EO can help with our wide range of spectrometers. As a primary distributor of B&W Tek systems, we have spectrometers in stock and available for same day shipment for your demanding applications.

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Stock Components for Spectroscopy Applications

To Learn More About Spectroscopy Check Out These Resources

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View Fluorophores and Optical Filters for Fluorescence Microscopy
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View "Using Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy (FCS) and Improved Filter Technology to Track Unknown Intracellular Activity via Proteins and Nucleic Acids" by Stephan Briggs – BioPhotonics

What is Spectroscopy?

Spectroscopy is the study and analysis of light as it interacts with solids, liquids, and gas. Spectroscopy, which is most commonly used in chemistry and element analysis applications, has grown increasingly common in biomedical applications. Common spectroscopy types used in biomedical applications include Coherent anti-stokes, correlation, Fourier transform, mass, and Raman.

Technical Support

Technical Support

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Learn more about how EO can help with your next microscopy project with these application notes.

In addition to stereo microscopes, check out our selection of infinity corrected, finite conjugate, or reflective objectives, eyepieces, or optical filters for microscopy setups.

With diverse applications in the life sciences, Edmund Optics has a complete product selection to build your own microscope or entire instrumentation platform.

Need help finding the right product? Have questions on your application? Contact us to discuss your technical questions with our expert engineering staff.

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