Replacement Glass Substage

Non-Illuminated Stereo Head Version

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Product Family Description

  • 20X/40X Version Available
  • 360° Rotatable Head
  • True Three-Dimensional Erect Images
  • Good Depth of Field

The basic version of our Inspection Stereo Microscope comes with microscope head and focusing assembly in both magnification ranges and in illuminated or non-illuminated configurations. Incident illumination is provided by a 10W bulb located between the objective and focusing arm. Any number of workstation designs can be adapted from the components. The focusing assembly mounts through the ¾" diameter post hole or via a 5/16-18 tapped hole.

Our Industrial Stereo Microscopes offer the image quality and versatility needed for most inspection applications. True three dimensionally erect images enhance viewing capabilities which, in turn, can reduce both fatigue and the amount of time taken for inspection. Many standard configurations of this stereo microscope are available, including versions with illumination, imaging capabilities, and workstations. Custom configurations can be designed by combining microscope heads and focusing mechanisms with our mounting systems and accessories. Two sets of objective magnifications are available, 2X/4X, and all scopes come standard with matched 10X wide field eyepieces for a total system magnification of 20X/40X. The standard magnification ranges can be changed by using optional eyepieces that are available in 5X, 15X, and 20X magnifications. The adjustable interpupillary eye tubes are placed at a 45° angle for viewing comfort. The left eye tube is diopter adjustable to balance focusing between each eye. The entire stereo microscope head is rotatable through a full 360°. The EO Industrial Stereo Microscope features smooth 50mm travel rack & pinion focusing assembly. Mounting of the rack & pinion assembly is accomplished via the ¾" O.D. post hole, or the 5/16-18 tap hole on the back.

Technical Information

Objective Magnification 1X / 3X 2X / 4X
Working Distance 78mm 64mm
Field of View 18mm at 1X, 6mm at 3X 9.5mm at 2X, 4.7mm at 4X
Eyepieces 10X wide-field, 26mm barrel, (eyeguards incl.) 10X wide-field, 26mm barrel, (eyeguards incl.)
Total Magnification 10X and 30X 20X and 40X
Eye Tubes Interpupillary Adjustable, 55mm to 80mm Interpupillary Adjustable, 55mm to 80mm
Focusing Rack and Pinion with 65mm diameter thru-hole and 50mm of focusing travel