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Polarizer Acessory for Adjustable LED Ring Lights

Polarizer Acessory for Adjustable LED Ring Lights, #34-866

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Product Family Description

  • Easy to Access Lens Array for Quick, Manual Adjustment of Illumination Emission Angles
  • Included Interchangeable Windows Allows for Easy Adjustment of Light Diffusion
  • Integrate Polarizer Accessory for Glare Elimination

Effilux Adjustable LED Ring Lights provide high intensity and uniform LED illumination, while also providing the flexibility to customize the angle at which the light is emitted. The easy to access lens array allows for quick, manual adjustment of the illumination emission angles. Simply remove the LED window that’s held in place by screws and rotate the lens array to one of the three indicated positions for the various emission angles. Effilux Adjustable LED Ring Lights include three interchangeable windows (transparent, semi-diffuse, and opaline) and an optional polarizer accessory is available to be placed beneath the transparent window for glare elimination. The modification flexibility allows these ring lights to be used in a variety applications.

Note: 24V power supply and M12 female to male cable are required. When first powered, these lights start in their Overdriven state with 700% intensity then relax to normal intensity.