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Avantes AvaSpec UV/VIS/NIR CMOS Spectrometer with Irradiance Calibration Package

Avantes Spectrometers with Irradiance Calibration Package

Avantes Spectrometers with Irradiance Calibration Package

Avantes Spectrometers with Irradiance Calibration Package Avantes Interchangeable Slit Kit
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Model Number:
Input Port Termination:
Type of Sensor:
CMOS 2048 Pixel Linear Array
Wavelength Range (nm):
200 - 1100
Slit Width and Spectral Resolution:
25μm: 1.4nm
50μm: 2.5nm
100μm: 4.8nm
200μm: 9.2nm
Irradiance: 100μm: 4.8nm
Slit Height (μm):
Thermal Drift:
±0.1 Pixel/°C
Optical Bench:
Crossed Czerny-Turner
Spectrograph f/#:
Ruled Diffraction Grating: 300 Grooves/mm, Blazed @ 300nm
Stray Light (%):
Integration Time:
30μs - 59s
UV Quantum Efficiency (%):
>60 @ 200nm
Peak Quantum Efficiency (%):
80 @ 700nm
Pixel Size, H x V (μm):
14 x 200
Dynamic Range:
Noise @ 25°C (Counts RMS):
Readout: 13.1
Dark: 16
Signal to Noise S/N Ratio:
16-Bit or 65,535:1 @ 6 MHz
AvaSoft-Full and AvaSoft-IRRAD
Operating System:
Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32/64 Bits)
Computer Interface:
USB 3.0: 5Gbps
Gigabit Ethernet: 1Gbps
Power Input:
USB 3.0: 5V @ 500mA
Digital I/O:
HD-26 connector, 2 Analog In, 2 Analog Out, 13 Digital Bidirectional, Trigger, Synchronization, Strobe, Laser
Trigger Delay (μs):
Jitter (ns):
Operating Temperature (°C):
0 to +55
Operating Relative Humidity:
10 - 90% non-condensing
Dimensions (mm):
177 x 127 x 44.5
Weight (lbs):
Spectral Irradiance Sensitivity (1μW/cm2/nm):
Data Transfer Speed:
USB 3.0: 0.38 ms/scan
Ethernet: 1.0 ms/scan
Cosine Corrector Fiber Length (m):
Cosine Corrector Fiber Core Size Diameter (μm):
Cosine Corrector Material:
Fiber Grade:
Irradiance Calibration Range (nm):
350 - 1100
Fiber and Slit Plate Termination:
FC/PC keyed
NIST Certification:
0.22 NA fiber patch cord is recommended, sold separately. Irradiance Calibration Package includes a fiber coupled transmissive PTFE near Cosine Corrector with FC/PC keyed slit plate and add-on software module.

Product Family Description

  • Back-Thinned CCD or CMOS Sensors with High Sensitivity and Dynamic Range
  • Interchangeable Slit Kit Included for Fast Throughput and Resolution Customization
  • Irradiance Calibration Package with Interchangeable Fiber-Coupled Cosine Corrector Available

Avantes Interchangeable Slit Compact Spectrometers feature high sensitivity, dynamic range, and responsivity from the UV to the NIR. Features include USB3.0 and Gigabit Ethernet connectivity, electronic shutter, and onboard processor and memory. Digital I/O ports control instrument triggering and synchronization functions. An included set of 4 interchangeable entrance slits at widths of 25, 50, 100, and 200µm facilitate fast configuration of signal throughput and resolution. An optional NIST traceable irradiance calibration package includes an FC/PC-keyed fiber-coupled cosine corrector and a 100µm wide slit. Avantes Interchangeable Slit Compact Spectrometers include software with advanced data collection and analysis functions, and an optional software development kit is sold separately.

Note: 0.22 NA fiber patch cord is recommended, sold separately.  The Irradiance Calibration Package is built-to-order and usually ships within 5 business days. Do not remove cosine corrector from its fiber as it voids the calibration.

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