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Auto Mounting Plate for Flexible Wavelength Selector

Auto Mounting Plate for SLI Flexible Wavelength Selector

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Product Family Description

  • Adjustable Center Wavelength and Bandwidth
  • Large Circular Output Aperture Up to 10mm in Diameter
  • Manual or Software Controlled Wavelength Selection
  • Compatible with Spectrolight Mighty Light Illuminators to Create Custom Monochromatic Beam

Spectrolight Flexible Wavelength Selectors (FWS) are tunable filters that use TwinFilm™ technology to provide the same wavelength tuning of a monochromator but with a larger, circular output aperture. These tunable filters are available in three models: Basic, Auto Mono, and Auto Poly. Basic and Auto Mono models are adjustable over spectral ranges up to 100nm while Auto Poly models feature wider spectral ranges of up to 500nm. Basic models feature manual adjustment of center wavelength, transmission bandwidth, and beam offset compensation through three knobs while the Auto Mono and Auto Poly models are software controlled via USB. Spectrolight Flexible Wavelength Selectors (FWS) are ideal for fluorescence microscopy, hyperspectral imaging, life science instrumentation, or general laboratory research requiring broad wavelength tuning. Accessories include a collimator for light output, fiber collimator adapters, fiber optic light guide connectors, iris diaphragms, and a magnetic base with an M4 center hole to facilitate easy post mounting. These tunable filters are compatible with Spectrolight Mighty Light and other broadband light sources with various coupling accessories to create a custom monochromatic output.

Example Software Interface for the Auto Mono and Auto Poly Models
Example Software Interface for the Auto Mono and Auto Poly Models