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BaySpec SuperGamut™ InGaAs NIR Spectrometer, 900 - 1700nm

BaySpec SuperGamut™ InGaAs NIR Spectrometer

BaySpec SuperGamut™ InGaAs NIR Spectrometer

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Wavelength Range (nm):
900 - 1700
Spectral Resolution (nm):
Operating System:
Microsoft Windows XP or later
Computer Interface:
USB 2.0
Integration Time:
20μs to 600s
Type of Sensor:
25μm x 512 Pixels Array
16 Bit or 65,535:1
Dimensions (mm):
162 x 105 x 60
Aperture (f/#):
Cooling Method:
TE Cooled
Dark Noise:
10 Counts RMS
Power Requirement:
1 A @ 12V
Quantum Efficiency QE (%) @ λp:
Response Non-uniformity (%):
Signal to Noise S/N Ratio:
Slit Width (μm):
Stray Light (%):
Type of Optics:
Volume Phase Grating
Wavelength Range (μm):
0.9 - 1.7
Weight (g):

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Product Family Description

  • High Throughput Volume Phase Grating (VPG®)
  • Fast f/2 Optics
  • Optimized InGaAs Detector TE Cooling

BaySpec SuperGamut™ InGaAs NIR Spectrometers are high performance, cost-effective solutions to a wide range of spectroscopy applications operating within the near-infrared wavelength range, such as counterfeit detection, pharmaceutical analysis, semiconductor inspection, and medical diagnostics. BaySpec SuperGamut™ InGaAs NIR Spectrometers feature high speed parallel processing, continuous spectrum measurements, and real-time spectral data acquisition within millisecond response time or up to 600 second integration time. These ruggedized spectrometers do not include moving parts and are designed for long-term reliability. Depending on the application’s requirements, either a fiber optic input or slit optics arrangement can be used as the input. A Volume Phase Grating (VPG®) spectrally disperses the signal, and the diffracted field is focused onto an InGaAs array detector. The control electronics extract the required information from the processed digital signal, and both the processed and raw data are available to the user.

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