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6V - 20W Lamp Power Supply (Recertified 05-P)

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Product Family Description

  • Complete Video Packages Available
  • Darkfield View
  • 0.5 Arcsec Resolution
  • Fully Adjustable Mount

Autocollimators are a powerful laboratory tool for any optical or precision imaging systems. The autocollimator can be used in a variety of configurations to ensure that there is no angular error in a system. For example, sensors can be aligned with optics, targets, optical mounts or other components in a system. The autocollimator can also be used for measuring the angular accuracy of moving parts such as stages. They are often used to measure the angles within a single optic such as prisms.

This darkfield autocollimator makes it possible to see reflections from very low-reflective plane surfaces, such as camera sensors, at a far distance. This high precision autocollimator has a 70mm aperture, which provides bright and clear reflected images. It also includes a double line reticle for easy and accurate detection. For comfortable viewing, the viewer can also be rotated.

An optically flat reference mirror is available for aligning non-reflective surfaces. A C-Mount camera adapter can replace the eyepiece and allow the view field image to be displayed on a monitor or saved to a computer. The digital package is available to provide a complete “out-of-the-box” video system with USB output. This package includes the autocollimator, light source and power supply, stand and cover, camera, C-Mount camera adapter, and a signal output cable.

Technical Information

  #87-306: Digital System
Autocollimator Main Body #87-227
Adjustable Stand and Cover #59-396
C-mount Camera Adapter #59-398
EO-0413M USB Monochrome Camera #59-363
5m USB Cable #59-382

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