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Achromat Prototyping System

Achromat Prototyping System

  • Imaging Lens System for Prototyping
  • Ideal for Identifying Desired Magnification and f/#
  • Compatible with Helicoid Barrel for Use With C-Mount Cameras

A pair of achromats can offer surprising performance in imaging applications. This system enables experimentation with different focal length ratios to achieve a variety of magnifications and fields of view. The camera sensor and object should be placed at the focal length of the image and object achromat, respectively (see diagram). The f/# of the lens can be varied by using different apertures. The aperture is a center spacer that slides (no threads) into place between the achromats. Proper focusing can be attained using C-Mount spacers (coarse) and the Helicoid Barrel (fine). The Achromat Protoyping cell threads directly into the helicoid barrel and retainers are used to fix the relative position of the cell. Only 12.5mm diameter achromats can be used with this system. Achromat prototyping kit (#54-666) includes helicoid barrel, achromat prototyping cell, two retaining rings (15mm, for inside helicoid barrel) and 12.5mm achromat kit. Achromat prototyping cell (#54-719) includes the mounting cell, two retainers (for inside mounting cell) and aperture kit. Aperture kit (#54-720) contains seven apertures of 0.0 (customizable by user), 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 6.0, 8.0, and 10.6mm diameters.

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