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C-Mounted Penta Prism

C-Mounted Penta Prism
C-Mounted Penta Prism

#53-401, Penta Prism in C-Mount Cube (Case Removed)

#53-401, Penta Prism in C-Mount Cube (Complete)

  • Ray Deviation of 90°
  • Right Handed Image
  • Ideal for Visual/ Video Applications
  • Easily Integrates with Our C-Mount Components

Designed for use with C-mount compatible hardware, our TECHSPEC® C-Mounted Penta Prism is quickly and easily integrated. A TECHSPEC® N-BK7 Penta Prism is fixed securely within a black anodized aluminum housing with two female C-mount apertures. Applications include space-restricted visual/video imaging systems requiring ray deviation of 90°. Entrance and exit faces (at the apertures) are anti-reflection coated to maximize efficiency and reduce the effect of double-images. A ¼-20 tapped hole in the base permits post mounting.

Penta prisms are five-sided prisms featuring a ray deviation of 90° and a right handed image. The reflecting surfaces are aluminized for increased efficiency. Slight movement of the prism does not affect the true right angle at which light rays are reflected, making a penta prism the ideal optical tool for defining a right angle in an optical system.

Common Specifications

Angle Tolerance (arcmin):
Housing: Black Anodized Aluminum
Image Orientation:
Surface Flatness:
Surface Quality:

Export Specifications

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