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Silicon Semiconductor Supermirrors

Silicon Semiconductor Supermirrors

Silicon Semiconductor Supermirror

  • Lowest Mechanical Loss and Highest Thermal Conductivity of Any Current Supermirror Technology
  • Optical Loss Less Than 200ppm
  • Microroughness of Approximately 3Å

Silicon Semiconductor Supermirrors provide excess optical losses (scatter and absorption) as low as 200ppm in the mid-IR spectrum (3 - 4μm). Featuring a single-crystal optical interference coating, these supermirrors offer a robust reflecting surface that does not easily degrade. These Silicon Semiconductor Supermirrors won a Prism award in the category of Materials and Coatings for their mid-IR coating technology. Semiconductor supermirrors are ideal for industrial applications in cavity ring-down spectroscopy, metrology, manufacturing, and sensing.

Common Specifications

Coating Specification:
Ravg >99.98% @ DWL
Surface Flatness:
Radius of Curvature (m):

Export Specifications

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