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IG6 IR Aspheric Lenses

  • Diffraction Limited Performance
  • Ideal for IR Lasers, Thermal Imaging, or FTIR Spectroscopy
  • Higher Uncoated Transmission than Germanium

TECHSPEC® IG6 IR Aspheric Lenses are ideal for use in optical systems designed for performance in the infrared wavelength range. IG6, a germanium-free material comprised of the elements arsenic and selenium, features excellent transmission, low dn/dT (change in refractive index with temperature), and minimal dispersion. These properties ease the development of color-corrected, IR optical systems that are also free from thermal defocusing. TECHSPEC IG6 IR Aspheric Lenses feature a lower index of refraction than comparable Germanium lenses, and are also ideal for use with other infrared components.

Note: Use caution when handling IG6 as it is extremely delicate and can be damaged easily. Do not touch optical surface.

Common Specifications

IG6 (As40Se60)
Diameter Tolerance (mm):
Center Thickness Tolerance (mm):
Clear Aperture (%):
Surface Quality:

Export Specifications

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