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Germanium Infrared (IR) Hybrid Aspheric Lenses

Germanium Infrared (IR) Hybrid Aspheric Lenses

  • Color Corrected for 3 – 5μm
  • Near Diffraction Limited Focusing Performance
  • Full Prescription Data Available

Our TECHSPEC® Germanium Infrared (IR) Hybrid Aspheric Lenses provide diffraction limited focusing performance at any wavelength in the 3 – 5μm region, and near diffraction limited performance when used over the entire 3 -5μm spectral range. They are ideal for integration into imaging applications, FTIR spectrometers, or any Mid-Wave IR application utilizing a broad band light source.

Each hybrid aspheric lens is coated for >95% transmission for the most efficient use of costly infrared illumination. However, transmission is limited by the inherent diffraction efficiency of the aspheric surface, yielding lower overall transmission at the extremes of the design spectral band. For custom design or coating options, please contact our Sales Department.

Common Specifications

BBAR (3000-5000nm)
Germanium (Ge)
Diameter Tolerance (mm):
Center Thickness Tolerance (mm):
Surface Quality:
Centering (arcmin):
3 - 5

Export Specifications

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