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Ultra-Thin Notch Filters

  • Approximately 250µm Thickness
  • Flexible Structure and Scratch Resistant
  • Extruded Thin Film with Sharp Spectral Profiles

Ultra-Thin Notch Filters combine high performance and low cost in a new class of thin film interference filters featuring roughly 250µm thickness, flexibility, and scratch insensitivity. With wavelengths covering the visible and near infrared regions, these filters offer rejection levels meeting optical densities of 3. Ultra-Thin Notch Filters provide similar transmission and rejection levels of most hard oxide filters, while not sacrificing the profile of the rejection band. These filters are suited for integration into handheld or portable medical, measurement, and optical devices where the overall weight and optical path length is a critical design element.

Common Specifications

Transmission (%):
>85 (average)
Optical Density OD:

Export Specifications

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