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High Performance Reflection Gratings

High Performance Reflection Gratings

High Performance Reflection Grating

  • λ/4 Wave Reflected Wavefront
  • Superior Dimensional Tolerances
  • Groove Spacing Tolerance <0.05%

High Performance Reflection Gratings are designed for consistent, predictable performance. This high level of repeatability simplifies OEM system designs and reduces the need for tedious alignment adjustments. With λ/4 reflected wavefront and up to 90% diffraction efficiency, these gratings are specified to meet the needs of the most demanding applications. High Performance Reflection Gratings feature Bare Aluminum coatings, allowing for options that range from 300 to 1850nm.

Note: Bare Aluminum coatings are fragile and care must be taken when handling.

Common Specifications

Bare Aluminum
Dimensional Tolerance (mm):
Float Glass
Thickness (mm):

Export Specifications

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