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Laboratory Laser Diode Modules

  • Visible and Near IR Models
  • Focusable from 20mm to Infinity

Designed as a compact diode for laboratory and industrial applications, this laser uses sophisticated electronics to promote long life and reliable performance. Its features include output power stabilization, integral drive circuitry, user adjustable collimating optics, emission indicator, beam attenuator (shutter), and electrical on/off switch (not available on IR unit). Due to its superior durability and size, it is an ideal replacement for Helium-Neon lasers or NIR sources in many applications. Typical applications include: pilot beam for alignment, measurement, robotic control and positioning. Additional features on the non-emitting end of IR unit for CDRH compliance are: key control (removal deactivates laser), remote interlock connector, safety interlocks, and delay time of 5 seconds between laser activation and actual laser output.

Common Specifications

Beam Size at Nearest Focus (μm):
Beam Diameter (mm):
5 x 2
Beam Divergence (mrad):
Focus Range:
20mm - ∞

Export Specifications

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