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Laser Diode Mounts

Laser Diode Mounts

  • Pivot Capability
  • Compatible With our Diode Modules
  • Offers Heat Sink and Alignment (LDMs Require Electric Isolation)

Each Diode Mount is composed of a top clamp, adjuster ball, and bottom clamp. The module is clamped to the inner adjuster ball with two 4-40 set screws and then attached to the top and bottom clamps with two 4-40 socket head screws. Bottom clamp has two 8-32 (0.76" center to center) and one ¼-20 mounting hole for easy attachment to a breadboard or mounting plate. Adjuster ball allows the module to pivot within the mount housing without disassembly. All hardware screws are included. See laser diode module specifications for dimensions.

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