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I have an MT-L Accessory Tube Lens but I am unsure about mounting it to my objective and C-Mount camera. Can you explain how it works?

#56-073 Mitutoyo MT-L Accessory Tube Lens is similar in mechanical construction to #56-864 MT-L4 Accessory Tube Lens. In other words, the same basic mounting will work for both.

We offer a #66-027 Mitutoyo MT-L/ MT-L4 C-Mount Adapter to make integration much more simplified. From the C-mount image plane to the MT-L (and MT-L4), you need 176.4mm of space. Factoring in the flange distance of a C-mount camera (17.56mm) and the length of #66-027, you only need 150mm of C-Mount Extension Tubes to fill this space. Since the tube lens does not attach directly to a Mitutoyo objective, #55-743 Mitutoyo to C-Mount 10mm Adapter needs to be attached to the objective (this adapter adds 10mm of length and adapts the M26 thread to a C-thread). This leaves roughly 57mm of space between the tube lens and the objective, which can be filled with extension tubes or other items such as beamsplitters, filters, polarizers, etc.

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