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Spectrolight Mighty Light Accessories Overview

Modular accessories adapt the Spectrolight Mighty Light Illuminator for tuning to a specific wavelength, fiber coupling, collimating, homogenizing, and more

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Spectrolight Mighty Light Product Overview

The Mighty Light is a self-contained, low-noise, tunable source of broadband visible and NIR light featuring a tungsten halogen lamp and output power up to 2W

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Richardson Gratings™ Unboxing

Learn about high-precision diffraction gratings from Richardson Gratings available in-stock and ready for immediate shipping from Edmund Optics.

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Highly-Dispersive Ultrafast Mirrors for Dispersion Compensation

Learn how Highly-Dispersive Mirrors compensate for dispersion and compress pulse duration in ultrafast laser systems, which is critical for maximizing performance.

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Acktar Stray Light Control Products

Acktar Advanced Coatings produces light-absorbing components and materials to control stray light and eliminate noise from specular reflection.

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Danfoss: Edmund Optics Case Studies

Monitoring and regulating air pollution is an essential step towards creating a cleaner environment.

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